Hatox wireless control systems

in the area of mobile hydraulics, logistics, automotive, industrial and agricultural technology

In 2005 the company Hatox was established in Birkenfeld, Germany by Thomas Haug and is today one of the leading manufacturers of innovative, high quality safety radio remote controls.

Hatox develops, produces and distributes remote controls for a wide line of applications - ranging from wireless controls for industrial and mobile equipment up to most sophisticated applications.It is our target to make machine operation easier, safer and more economic by using our versatile, high-end products.

Our customers' requirements rank very high; our extremely skilled team implements your needs in the most professional manner.

Expertise and capability

The Hatox people have been involved in the development and production of safety components for some 10 years now. This longterm experience and our extensive know-how have an impact on every single product of ours.

Highest quality

Safety, reliability and constant development are the cornerstones of our quality policy. Our demand for highest quality is contributed by every employee and is guaranteed by a 100% quality test of all products.

Customer focus and flexibility

From standard applications up to the very special solutions - our highly qualified engineers work out the technically and economicly best products for your particular purpose.

Worldwide service and support

Our customers are small, medium-sized and worldwide operating businesses. We support them thanks to our capable and widely spread network of partners.