• Rubber housing for extreme rough applications
  • Customized assembling of joysticks, push buttons and display
  • Graphic display 128 ×64 dots with backlight for indicating HATOX-specific data (signal strength, battery condition, frequency indication, etc.) and data feedback via CAN-bus
  • Disposable standard AA-batteries or rechargeable batteries may be used
  • Permanent operation up to 40 hours possible (without backlight) with rechargeable batteries of 2700 mAh
  • "Listen before talk"-technology with automatic frequency management for higher operational safety or frequency hopping for USA and Canada
  • Several systems can be operated at the same time without disturbing each other

General Technical Specification

Temperature range –20° to +80°C (optionally with heating foil –40° to +80°C)
Type of protection IP 65 (higher on request)
Housing TPE
Technology Transceiver (bidirectional, half-duplex)
Frequency 433.075–434.775 MHz (69 channels) / Europe /
902–928Mz / USA & CANADA
Output Power adjustable up to 10 mW
Modulation FSK
Transmission method TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access) with "Listen-before-talk" technology for Europe;
frequency hopping for USA and Canada
Distance approx. 300 meters / 1000 feet (depending on environment)
Supply voltage 2.0 .. 4.5 V DC (2 AA-NiMh-cells)
Power consumption 65 mA @ 2.4 V DC
990 g (without batteries)
+ 60g
Size 28.5 × 20.5 × 15.5 cm
(length × width × height)